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Vladimir Voevodin

Deputy Director, Research Computing Center, Moscow State University

Deputy Director, Research Computing Center, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Head of the Department on Supercomputers and Quantum Informatics, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty, MSU.

Talk Title:

The AlgoWiki Project and Challenges of the Well Known Area

Talk Abstract:

Computers are developing very quickly, and each new platform requires software developers to repeatedly analyze algorithms to answer the same two questions. Does an algorithm possess the necessary properties to meet the architectural requirements? How can an algorithm be transformed so that the necessary properties can be easily reflected in parallel programs? This analysis has to be performed again and again when a program is ported from a one type of computers to another, largely repeating the work that has been done previously. Is it possible to perform the analysis “once and for all,” describing properties of algorithms so that all of the necessary information can be gleaned from this description any time a new architecture appears? Despite the apparent simplicity, the question raises a series of other non-trivial questions. Moreover, our experience shows that creating a complete description of an algorithm is not a simply challenge, it is a large series of challenges. Some of them will be discussed in the talk. Changes in computer architecture do not change algorithms – this is the main principle that underlies the AlgoWiki project and makes the project successful.

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