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Ninghui Sun

Director, Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Science

Dr. Ninghui Sun, is the professor of Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). He graduated at Peking University in 1989, and got the Master and PhD degrees from ICT of CAS in 1992 and 1999 respectively. Dr. Sun is the architect and main designer of Dawning2000, Dawning3000, Dawning4000, Dawning5000 and Dawning6000 high performance computers. His major research interests include computer architecture and high performance computer.

Talk Title:

A System Perspective of Performance Optimization on High Performance Computers

Talk Abstract:

As the high performance computer has evolved forward to extreme scale, the challenges of performance optimization are increasingly formidable. The parallelism and data movement present serious bottlenecks on performance of the real-world applications. These dramatic changes drive to more co-design between architects, algorithm developers and domain experts. In this talk, I will introduce three fundamental problems of performance optimization, and present some techniques to address these issues from a system perspective. Besides, this talk will discuss our design of hardware-software stack to effectively embracing Deep Learning to solve many computational science problems

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